How To Switch From Verizon To Visible: 12 Easy Steps

Visible is one of the many small carriers to consider if looking for a budget-friendly cell phone service. The carrier has recently added a few perks from Verizon to enhance the user experience while still keeping the prices low. In this guide, we’re going to look at how to switch from Verizon to Visible with/ without your number successfully.

Of course, a switch to a new cell phone number is quick and straightforward. It can be a problem when you decide to switch phone carriers and keep your number.  The “problem” can be your number failing to transfer successfully or it transfers but doesn’t perform as required.

Why Switch To Visible Wireless?

Should you consider transferring to Visible phone service from Verizon?

Like other type of services, the cell phone provider to use is always subjective. However, a Major Carrier like Verizon usually has better service than the small carriers running off its Network.

Visible is one of these small carriers (or MVNOs- mobile virtual network operators) on the Verizon network. It also happens to be a brand of Verizon, which should explain its new name, Visible by Verizon (formerly Visible Wireless).

Fast forward, Visible is better than most other MVNOs. If possible to compare  Visible and Verizon, you’ll notice the MVNO is at least $20 cheaper on its unlimited plan. And despite the low cost, Visible still includes amazing features, such as:

  • Visible now supports both 5G Nationwide and Ultra-Wideband. Thus, has relatively faster data speeds than before to download and upload files quicker
  • Visible has recently added its unlimited plan to the QCI 8 (higher priority) of Verizon. So, the data speeds will be more usable than other MVNOs when the cell towers are busy
  • Visible has unlimited mobile hotspot allowance. So, you can share data with your other internet-enabled devices as much as you want.
  • Visible now has free international calls to 30+ countries and texting to 200+ destinations still at the usual low cost
  • Visible has also added free roaming in Canada and Mexico. It means your phone will continue to work on calls, texts, and data at no additional cost. 
Quick Note:

In these new features Visible has added recently, Verizon has already had them. The Major Carrier also offers a full experience of the features. For instance, no data speed cap, free calls and roaming in 200+ countries, mobile hotspots at full speed, et cetera.

But again, Visible brings you half the experience of Verizon service at half the cost. And if that feels like something you’d like to take advantage of, you can now go ahead with the switch.

How to Switch from Verizon to Visible with/ without your Phone Number

The process how to switch from Verizon to Visible is pretty straightforward, whether you’re moving with/ without your phone number:

Step 1: Check If Your Phone Is Compatible With Visible

The first step to switching from Verizon to Visible is to make sure you have a working phone. You can order a phone from Visible, which is guaranteed to work since it comes programmed to the service.

However, the phones compatible with Visible network usually include your Verizon-branded model. I mean, you can use your Verizon-locked phone on Visible service without getting the incompatibility error.

That said, you may find some Verizon-locked phones say to “call Verizon Wireless… to learn how you can activate this device on another wireless carrier network”. But in most cases, this prompt shows when the phone is from the Verizon prepaid category.  

How To Switch From Verizon To Visible
Switch From Verizon To Visible

The other phones you can use with Visible service are the fully-unlocked options. The unlocked devices can be from other carriers compatible with Visible or directly from the manufacturer (factory-unlocked).

It’s easy to check if your phone is compatible with Visible service. You’ll just need to visit the online device ID checker at Then, enter the IMEI of the device in the input box and hit the bold “Check phone compatibility” button.


The online Visible phone compatibility checker checks if your BYOP (bring your phone) device has the right network bands. It also checks if the device has any red flags- i.e. its IMEI reported lost, stolen, or blacklisted by the previous carrier.

The online checker doesn’t check if your device is locked or unlocked. And for that, you’ll have to confirm that on your end before bringing the device to Visible.

Step 2: Visit a Visible Store and order a Phone Plan

Now, visit the Visible store and place an order for your preferred service plan.

Unfortunately, Visible doesn’t have physical stores you can visit to shop/ seek assistance in person. It only has an online store for everything- shop, sign up, activate, request number porting, report an issue, etc.

So, the next step to switch from Verizon to Visible is to visit Then, select the “Bring my phone” or “Shop phones” tab to get started. Follow the onscreen instructions to solve the device mystery (check BYOP compatibility or purchase a new phone) and order a phone plan.

Once you’ve completed your order, Visible will start to process it immediately. How long Visible takes to ship your order depends on when you ordered, whereby it can be Next-day to 3 days.

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Step 3: Activating Your Phone On Visible Wireless

 In this step, we’re now going to activate your phone on Visible service. The phone is the one we’ve just confirmed as compatible above. And in case your device failed to pass the compatibility test, I’m assuming you ordered a new one with the SIM kit.

Once you’ve got a phone compatible with Visible service and the SIM kit, proceed with the activation as follows:

  1. Grab your internet-enabled phone and go to Then hit the bold “Activate your SIM card” button
  2. Visible will ask you to confirm your phone is compatible. If the device passes the compatibility check, you’ll get an online form to create a Visible account
  3. Fill in your personal information (Name, plus preferred Username and Password). Then click the “Create account” button
  4. Immediately you Create an account in Step 3, Visible will push a success message. In the message, you’ll also notice 3-step instructions on how to activate your service: (I) Verify the link sent to your email. (II) Download the Visible app (III) open the app and tap “activate” to get started
  5. If you’ve downloaded the Visible app, launch it. Then select “Activate my service”.
  6. Before you can begin the activation, enter your Email address and Password (used in Step 3) to sign in
  7. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll notice 4-step instructions to proceed and a “Let’s go” button.
  8. When you click the “Let’s go” button, confirm the WiFi of your Visible phone is on. Then, click the “Next” button
  9. Now, Enter your SIM ID code: the 6-character code embedded in your SIM packaging. Then hit the bold “Next” button
  10. At this point, Visible will ask to help you “Bring your phone number over” or get a new number. If you opt to join with a new number, enter your home ZIP code and the six digits you’d like your new service to start with. Then, hit the “Continue” button.
  11. If Step 10 is a success, Visible will ask you to “Select payment method” for your service. The accepted payment methods for Visible currently include credit/ debit/ prepaid cards,  Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo
  12. When you have selected your payment method, click the “Continue” button to start activating your Visible service.
Quick Note:

When activating service in Step 12, your phone will display a loading status bar. Once it completes, insert the Visible SIM card into your compatible phone, then restart it for complete initialization.

The Visible phone activation can take up to fifteen (15) minutes to complete. If it takes longer than that, contact Visible customer support for assistance.

Transferring Your Cell Phone Number to Visible

If you opt to “Bring your phone number over” in Step 10, fill in all the required information in the appropriate spaces. The required information includes the Phone Number you want to bring, Current Carrier, Current Carrier Account Number, Current Carrier PIN, and Current Carrier billing ZIP Code. (Verizon is the “Current Carrier” in this case).

Once, you’ve filled all the necessary information to bring your phone number over, hit the “Confirm” button. Then repeat Steps (11) and (12) above to activate your service.

When Visible receives the request about transferring your cell phone number, they’ll get in touch with Verizon (the current carrier). The carriers will use your information to initiate the number transfer/ porting.

 Common Related Questions:

How is Visible different than Verizon?

Visible is not so much different than Verizon, considering it’s the Major Carrier’s brand and MVNO. If it’s the coverage, Visible uses the Verizon towers and its LTEIRA partners for native coverage. You’ll also get an international roaming option. But Visible has international roaming only in Canada and Mexico, whereas Verizon can work in 200+ countries and destinations.

Other areas Visible is different than Verizon include:

  • Visible has capped mobile hotspot speeds on all the cell phone plans.
  • Visible phone plans have a data speed cap, with 5G Nationwide at 200+Mbps and 5G Ultra-Wideband at 400+Mbps.
  • Visible phone plans currently don’t have a fixed family discount. However, you can bring a friend over and save up to $20 off your next bill
  • Visible has a free international calling in only 30+ countries, whereas Verizon offers the perk in 200+ destinations
  • Visible has no legitimate free phone deals like with Verizon. It has only Swap deals, where you get a free device if you send your old (carrier-locked) phone

Last but not least, Visible Unlimited plans are cheaper than Verizon’s service, which is the main positive difference between the MVNO and its Parent Network

How long does it take to port from Verizon to Visible?

On their website, Visible claims it can take 4 – 24 hours to port your phone number from Verizon. However, the timeframe of the number transfer largely depends on the availability of the customer representatives. Hence, the reason you’ll notice some consumers on community forums claim to have transferred their number within thirty (30) minutes.

Do I need to cancel Verizon if I switch to Visible?

Technically, you don’t need to cancel your Verizon service if you switch to Visible with your phone number. When your phone number transfer to Visible completes, your Verizon service will cancel automatically.

If you switched to Visible with a new phone number, now you’ll need to cancel your Verizon service and remove your payment method. Otherwise, Verizon won’t know you switched and will continue to charge your funds wallet.

Switch Instantly with ESIM

If you’d like to cut down your monthly phone bill, that’s how to switch from Verizon to Visible phone service. As you can see, it’s a simple process- much simpler actually, considering both the website and mobile app will have on-screen instructions in every initial stage.

The option to switch to Visible with a new number is the simplest, as you won’t have to wait for the carrier to port your number. But getting a new number may inconvenience other people in your life who already have your current carrier (Verizon) number.

Lastly, you should know Visible allows instant activation on eSIM if you don’t want to wait for the SIM kit. It’s also an easy process, whereby you just need to grab your phone with eSIM. Then go to and follow the onscreen instructions to activate.

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