Free Sky Devices Government Tablet Review: How To Apply

Are you online a lot? Like to stream movies or YouTube? The wide screen of a tablet PC usually has a better viewing experience than smartphones. Some tablets can even pair with a wireless keyboard to work as a mini-laptop. But then, is this something you can do with the free Sky devices government tablet?

Well, first of all, the free Sky Devices tablet is a good deal if you qualify. It comes with an 8-inch/ 10-inch display, 32GB/ 64GB of built-in storage, and 2GB/ 3GB RAM.

Sky Devices is a Manufacturer

Indeed, Sky Devices is a manufacturer of smart electronics, operating from Miami, Florida. It started as a phone maker (classic phones & smartphones), albeit later introduced tablets, wearables (smartwatches), WiFi cameras, and smart TVs.

Similar to most companies, Sky Devices doesn’t have production plants here in the US. The company only designs the products here in the country. Then finish up the creation and assembly in China.  

Sadly, however, Sky Devices is still far from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, or even Alcatel. The reason I’m saying this is for Sky Devices is yet to start selling in local stores, big-store retailers, or even online marketplaces like Amazon.

But now begs the question, how will you get free Sky devices government tablet if the brand doesn’t sell in the US market?

What’s a Free Sky Devices Government Tablet?

Sky Devices is both a manufacturer and a marketing brand of tablets PC. However, as I’ve just said, the company doesn’t sell products on the local marketplaces we know. The only way you can own a tablet will be to purchase from or apply for a freebie from the government.

In a nutshell, a free Sky Devices government tablet is the tablet you get once eligible for the ongoing broadband benefit. The broadband benefit is nowadays under the affordable connectivity program (ACP), which the Biden administration launched in 2021.

Before ACP, the broadband benefit was under the emergency broadband benefit (EBB), which also gave free Sky Devices tablets. However, EBB was a temporary program, which is why the government launched ACP as a longer-term replacement.

Free Sky Devices Government Tablet

In both programs (ACP and EBB), the “free tablet” has been part of the discount on connected devices. The federal communications commission highlights up to a $100 discount for the “connected device”. Hence, the reason almost all the companies that say you can get free tablet for low-income families rarely feature flagship brands.

As a matter of fact, the broadband providers that give free Sky Devices government tablets only have entry-level models. In particular, you can expect to receive a tablet with 32GB built-in storage and 2/ 3GB RAM. Some operators even send you the older Sky Devices tablets (like Elite OctaX) that have only 1GB of RAM.

Tip: The free Sky Devices government tablet is the opposite of the Torch Wireless Free Tablet. Sky Devices is a manufacturer that doesn’t have a free tablet deal (ACP providers give out the free Sky Devices tablet). Then Torch Wireless is an ACP provider that gives out free tablet (the tablets are from other manufacturers).

The Free Sky Devices Government Tablets You’re Likely To Get

Sadly, Sky Devices doesn’t directly participate in the government broadband benefit that sponsors the free tablet. It also doesn’t take part in the program indirectly- has no subsidiaries that take part in the program.

As a manufacturer, Sky Devices only sells tablets (on its website) to consumers at a fee. The company also acts as a distributor for the tablets to other resellers. But the only resellers of the brand I’ve confirmed here in the country are phone providers (and some internet providers) participating in the ongoing affordable connectivity program.

Meanwhile, different service providers offer different models of the free Sky Devices government tablet. Some of the options you can expect include:

 Network ConnectivityBuilt-in MemoryScreen Size
Sky Devices Elite T104G LTE & WiFi64/ 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM10″ w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices Elite T8 Plus4G LTE & WiFi32GB ROM, 3GB RAM8″ w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices Elite T84G LTE & WiFi32GB ROM, 2GB RAM8″ w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices Elite OctaPlus4G LTE & WiFi32GB ROM, 3GB RAM8″ w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices Elite-OctaMax4G LTE & WiFi32GB ROM, 3GB RAM8″ w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices Elite OctaX4G LTE & WiFi32GB ROM, 1GB RAM8” w/ 800 x 1280p
Sky Devices SKY ELITE 7.0L4G LTE & WiFi8GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p
Sky Devices Platinum A73G & WiFi16GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p
Sky Devices Platinum View23G & WiFi16GB ROM, 1GB ROM7” w/ 600 x 1024p

Tip: As you may know, all the Major Carriers in the country, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and even US Cellular have retired 3G networks. So, 3G devices can’t work- thus, Sky Devices Platinum A7 and View2 are no longer in the market.

What Companies Give Free Sky Devices Government Tablet?

As mentioned, the only way how to get a free Sky Device government tablet is by enrolling in the ACP benefit. But before you can enroll, the first thing to do should be to find a provider with ACP and give a free tablet.

At the time of writing, over 1,600 mobile and fixed broadband providers have registered with the FCC to participate in ACP. The problem is that at least 95% of these companies only offer a monthly service. They don’t give you a free tablet.

As for the dozen ACP providers that give free tablets from the government, about half deal with Sky Devices brand. See the listing below.

 Carrier NetworkFree Tablets Available
StandUp Wireless                 T-MobileSky Devices Elite T8/ T8+, Sky Devices Elite OctaX, Sky Devices Elite OctaPlus
Cintex WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite T8 Plus
AirTalk WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite T8 Plus
Easy WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite T8/ T+
Sarver WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite T10
EnTouch Wireless  VerizonSky Devices Elite T8 Plus

StandUp Wireless

Standup Wireless is the first mobile broadband provider you can get a free Sky Devices government tablet. It’s an eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) or lifeline provider. So, when you join, you’ll get both a free smartphone and a tablet PC.

Standup Wireless is one of the providers that first partnered with Sky Devices when the free tablet was under EBB. And at the time, until early 2022, you would get the Sky Devices Elite OctaX tablet with 32GB built-in storage and 1GB RAM.

Since the second quarter of 2022 until now, the free Sky Devices tablet StandUp Wireless gives you is the Elite T8. The tablet has 32GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM. But you may be lucky to receive the upgraded Elite T8 Plus with 3GB of RAM.

Nevertheless, when preparing this guide, I noticed StandUP Wireless device catalog also features Sky Devices Elite OctoPlus and Elite-OctaMax. The two have 32GB built-in storage and 3GB RAM.

So, the exact tablet you will very much get depends on what’s available in the warehouse. If StandUP has no Sky Devices in stock, you’ll get other alternative options, such as NUU Tab 8 or BLU M8L.

Easy Wireless

 Easy Wireless is another ETC you should know. And for that, it automatically qualifies to participate in the Affordable connectivity program (ACP).

I’ve known Easy Wireless just recently, in which cases there are still many areas of the service I’m yet to explore. However, among the things I’ve already explored briefly on the service provider is the ACP discounts.

Different from the likes of Assurance Wireless, Easy Wireless has a full ACP benefit, with discounts on service and tablets. I’m still not happy the company website has not listed the kind of tablet they provide, But after extensive research, I’ve come to learn the company offers the Sky Devices Elite T8 or T8-Plus.

Just as the name, the two tablets are from the same series, and has similar display size. The difference comes in the performance, as Sky Devices Elite T8 has 2GB RAM, whereas the upgrade (Elite T8 Plus) is 3GB RAM.

Sarver Wireless

 Sarver Wireless is yet another broadband provider that is participating in ACP and has a tablet discount. The company started in LA, California in 2014. But  it’s now available in all states, whereby you get up to 5GB of high-speed data

5GB isn’t exactly a great service offer when you consider the likes of Safelink give “Truly” unlimited high-speed data. However, when you go to the devices that come with ACP, the operator has a relatively better offer. Why?

If qualified for the ACP with Sarver Wireless, the Sky Devices Elite T10 is one of the tablets you could get. Unlike the models on StandUP or Easy Wireless, the Elite T10 has a wider and clearer 10-inch display, with 1200 x 1280 resolution. Then it can come with either 32GB or 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM.

Even better, Sarver Wireless has clearly stated on its website you can expect the Sky Devices Elite T10 tablet. But when out of stock, the available alternative is an HP (Hot Pepper) Puya Tab- also with a 10.1” display, albeit 32/ 3GB memory.

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is a favorite of many people- has gained more popularity within a year than the old brand (FeelSafe Wireless) did for the last decade. The bestselling aspect of the provider has been the offered devices, which comprise flagship brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.

As an ETC, AirTalk Wireless brings you both Lifeline and an affordable connectivity program. Then the ACP includes a discount on both the monthly service and a one-time tablet PC.

When looking at the AirTalk Wireless Free Phone features and perks, I only listed the high-end tablets from the Lifeline carrier. At the time, though, the company had the option to apply for Sky Devices Elite T8 Plus tab that has 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM. The device is one of the few entry-level brands in the whole catalog. And considering how the Lifeline provider prides itself in advertising their flagship collection, I doubt the Sky Devices tablet will remain on display for long.

Cintex Wireless

 Cintex Wireless is a sister brand of AirTalk Wireless, with HTH Communications, a leading phone refurbishment company, as the parent. The company also usually offers high-end smart devices (phones and tablets) when eligible for their service.

For instance, you can qualify for various series of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablets in the ongoing affordable connectivity program. And similar to its baby sister, AirTalk, you get to apply your preferred device on the company website.

If your brand of choice is Sky Devices, Cintex Wireless has the option to choose Sky Devices Elite T8 Plus. It’s only when this tablet isn’t available will the company sends you a different model that’s available. Some of the alternatives include Apple iPad 3/ Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/ S3/ S2, et cetera.

EnTouch Wireless

 EnTouch Wireless is yet another ETC you can apply for either a lifeline or affordable connectivity program. The ACP benefit also includes a full discount on service and a tablet PC. But unlike AirTalk or Cintex Wireless, here you can‘t choose the tablet to get.

Even worse, it’s not clear the kind of tablet EnTouch Wireless give when approved for the ACP benefit. The company hasn’t mentioned it on its website either. But on the tent they usually set up outside community centers, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Sky Devices Elite T8 Plus on the desk.

The Elite T8 Plus is still the same model we’ve seen on Standup Wireless, AirTalk, Cintex, and Easy Wireless. Thus, you can expect up to 32GB of internal storage and 3GB RAM.


All the free Sky Devices government tablet models I’ve listed above support 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity. Thus, beating the Q Link Specter 8 Tablet that can only work via WiFi (has no SIM slot or eSIM).

How to Get a Free Sky Devices Government Tablet

Now, the process to get a free Sky Devices government tablet is pretty simple. As already said, the offer comes with an affordable connectivity program (ACP). So, you only need to confirm you qualify for the broadband benefit. Then complete the enrollment with either of the service providers above.

In the qualification part, you can only get the free Sky Devices government tablet with ACP if in either of the two low-income requirements.

How do you hard reset a Sky device tablet

The first “low-income requirement” is when you have a low income at or below 200% of the current federal poverty guidelines. Then the second “low-income requirement” is when you’re on any of the qualified government assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Food Stamps/ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Veterans & Veteran’s Survivors Pension, et cetera.

In a nutshell, what this simply means is that you automatically qualify for the ACP and its perks (like a tablet) if already on Lifeline. It’s possible to apply for ACP and Lifeline programs from two separate broadband providers. But then, these providers want you to use them for both programs, which is why they have the best offers on Lifeline + ACP combo.

Key Takeaway: Make Sure you have the Proof

Before you start enrolling for the free tablet with ACP on your preferred provider, make sure you’ve got the necessary proof documents.

The official documents you will need include proof of identity, eligibility, and physical address:

Proof of Identity: you’ll need an official document such as a valid ID card, passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, Green card, et cetera.

Proof of Eligibility: you’ll need an official document like a paycheck stub, tax return, or a statement of your current income from your employer, social security benefits, etc if applying on “low income” at below 200% guidelines. For participation in government-funded assistance programs, you will need a document like a letter of approval/verification or a benefits statement.

Proof of Physical Address: you’ll need an official document with your full name and residence address. An example of documents allowed in this part is a valid driver’s license, utility bill, tax return, lease or mortgage statement, and others.

Common Related Questions:

How do you hard reset a Sky device tablet?

As with most Androids, the process to hard reset a Sky Devices tablet is easy and quick. You only have to go to your tablet’s Settings>> System>> Advanced>> Reset Options. Then, click “Erase all data” and follow the on-screen instructions until the end.
Another way to hard reset a Sky Devices tablet will be to turn it off (if it was previously on). Next:
Hold down the power and volume up buttons until the Boost Mode appears.
Then, scroll down and select the “Recovery Mode” option- use the Volume up/ down keys to scroll the power key to select it”.
Finally, use the volume keys again to scroll to the option for “Wipe data/ factory reset” Then use the power button to select it and initiate the hard reset.

How many Sky devices can you have?

Similar to Lifeline phones, the free government tablet with ACP is only available one per household. So, you can only have one Sky Devices tablet, and from only a single provider. If National Verifier notices you’ve been attempting to apply multiple times from the same company or several providers, your account may be banned.

Do Sky devices have SIM cards?

As I’ve just mentioned, Sky Devices tablets do have a slot for SIM cards. So, unlike the Q Link Scepter, you’ll not be limited to only a WiFi connection. You can also use cellular data to browse or stream movies.
The issue to expect is that the Sky Devices tablet may come locked to the carrier that gives you. Thus, you may not be able to use the device with SIM cards from other carriers.

Are Sky tablets locked?

Well, that depends. If you’re buying the Sky tablets from, they come fully unlocked. But when you apply for the free government offer with ACP, the Sky Devices tablets are locked to some carriers and others are not.
For instance, StandUp Wireless have their Sky Devices devices locked at least for six months.

In Conclusion:

The free Sky Devices government tablet is certainly worth it if you’re online a lot or would like to use work on the go with ease. It’s not just because of the wide display. But the tablet can also pair with some third-party wireless keyboards on the market. Thus, making it possible to use as a mini-laptop for tasks like typing.

In the selections I’ve listed above, the Sky Devices Elite T8 Plus is the kind of tablet most of the companies participating in the ACP give you. It’s still an entry-level tablet brand. But the 32GB internal storage and 3GB RAM is a better specs combo than what the Q Link Scepter 8 and a few other tablets out there feature.

Nevertheless, do remember the free government tablet isn’t exactly FREE. The FCC states any consumer interested in the tablet deal will need to co-pay more than $10 but less than $50. Hence, the reason you see StandUP Wireless, Easy Wireless, AirTalk, Cintex, and EnTouch Wireless charge $10.01. Sarver Wireless charges $20, which is understandable since they have a larger 10-inch tablet.

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