The 20+ Best Prepaid Service on Verizon

Verizon is the leading 4G LTE network here in the US. If the carrier manages to complete deploying the 5G Ultra-wideband cells as initially intended, the service will have the fastest data speed. It also has priority data, a free subscription to streaming services, and other amazing perks. But now comes our question, which is the best prepaid phone service on Verizon you can enjoy these perks too?

Well, some MVNOs of Verizon have amazing features and perks that make you feel like a premium subscriber. However, the truth is that Major Carriers always have far better offerings than the small companies running off their network.

Tip: MVNOs is an acronym for mobile virtual network operators, which means carriers that don’t have their own cellular towers. Instead, they partner with a Major Carrier/s to use their network infrastructure.

What’s the Best Prepaid Phone Service on Verizon?

In this guide, I’ve gone through two dozen MVNOs that bring you service through the Verizon network. But from these selections, my favorite Seven are:

Is a Prepaid Phone Service on Verizon Worth It?

If looking for a way to cut down your monthly bills, a prepaid phone service is usually the best way to go. You can get connected from as low as $5 or under, with at least unlimited talk and text. Some carriers even offer high-speed data at this price point!

Other benefits you get to enjoy with the Prepaid MVNOs on the Verizon network include:

  • It performs no credit check- you can get phone service with bad credit, poor credit, or no credit history at all
  • No security deposit required- As a prepaid service, you won’t need to pay a down payment as Postpaid carriers may require
  • Ties you to no annual contracts- You can join or leave any time you want
  • No overage charges to worry about- your monthly bill will be as you always pay, as the service provider will throttle or hard-stop your allowances

The benefits above are usually universal with all the prepaid phone services, be it on Verizon or other Major carriers. However, other perks are unique to specific providers.

For instance, some cellular companies give you a free phone when you switch or add a line to your account. Then others have features like international calling/ texting, roaming, free streaming subscriptions, cloud storage, FREE monthly service through the ACP program, et cetera.

Tip: affordable connectivity program, or ACP, is a longer-term broadband benefit the government launched to replace the previously temporary emergency broadband benefit (EBB). Quite a number of prepaid carriers offer the benefit, albeit it doesn’t come with a FREE tablet.

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What’s the cheapest Verizon Prepaid plan?

Below is a list of cell phone providers that resell the Verizon network:

 Cheapest Phone PlanBest Data Allowance
Visible by Verizon$30/ monthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Verizon prepaid$30/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Twigby$10/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
US mobile$5/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Total by Verizon$30/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
TracFone$9/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Straight Talk$30/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Ting Mobile$10/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Red Pocket$5/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Cox mobile$15/ monthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Pageplus$10/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Walmart Family Mobile$25/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Simple Mobile$25/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Boom! Mobile$10/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
SafeLink$0/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Wing Mobile$35/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Affinity Cellular$10/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Net10 Wireless$20/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Xfinity Mobile $15/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Spectrum Mobile$14/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Lively$5/ MonthUnlimited Data (with Cap)
Lexvor$49/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)
Pulse Cellular$24/ MonthUnlimited Data (No Cap)

Visible by Verizon

 Visible by Verizon (or Visible Wireless) is my first recommendation when looking for the best prepaid service on Verizon. And just by the name, the MVNO is also a brand of Verizon.

The reason I’ve considered Visible as my first choice is its nice balance of pricing and features/ perks. Say the Basic Visible plan, it has a standard price tag of $30 per month- currently on an offer of $25 for new customers. Then it includes Unlimited talk, text, high-speed data, mobile hotspot, and calling to Canada/ Mexico.

If you opt for the recently launched $45 ($35 for new customers) Visible+ plan, you’ll have access to far more perks, including:

  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • Premium data (on high-priority QCI)
  • Access to 5G Ultra-Wideband
  • Unlimited roaming in Canada/ Mexico
  • Free international calling to 30+ countries
  • Free international texting to 200+ countries

US Mobile

 US Mobile is the overall best prepaid phone service on Verizon if you have a tight budget at hand. You can get the 2GB plan from as low as $12, 5GB at $15, 15GB at only $20, then the 25GB service band for only $25.

If you’d prefer the Unlimited phone plans, US Mobile offers you a $45/ single line deal with:

  • Up to 100GB of premium data
  • 10GB of international roaming data
  • Free international calls to Canada
  • Free international texting to any country
  • Access to 5G C-band & Ultra-wideband
  • Free video streaming on various platforms
  • Free Music Streaming on various platforms
  • Free gaming subscription on various platforms

Red Pocket

US Mobile is still the overall best MVNO of Verizon for a phone service under $10, as you can get connected at only $5. However,Red Pocket is a nice alternative as you can get service via CDMA (Verizon network) from $8.25/ month.

The offer, unfortunately, is only available on the exclusive eBay plans available in bulk (annually). But like the regular plans, you can send international texts and also make free calls to more than 80 countries.

Note: You can get cell phone service on Red Pocket from as low as $5 through GSMA (AT&T-eligible SIM). The carrier also has an exclusive eBay plan from $2.50 through the GSMT (T-Mobile-compatible SIM). But neither of the two options is available on the CDMA (Verizon-compatible) service.


SafeLink Wireless is one of the few ETCs (eligible telecommunication carriers) you can get lifeline service through the Verizon network. I’ve included it on my list of the best MVNOs on Verizon as you can upgrade to the paid plans from $3 to $23.

Nevertheless, the free phone service you get with SafeLink is still incredible as you get to enjoy features and perks, such as:

  • Unlimited talk & texting
  • Unlimited data (up to 2.1TB high speed)
  • Free calling to Canada & Mexico
  • International calling at affordable rates
  • Up to 10GB personal hotspot/ tethering
  • A Free smartphone when you join for the first time

Total by Verizon

Total by Verizon (formerly Total Wireless) is a great option when looking for great value on a prepaid phone. Verizon, the new parent company of Tracfone (Tracfone owns Total brand) has just introduced big changes to the service.

For instance, you now get a $60 Unlimited+ plan that offers unlimited high-speed data (with no cap) and a 20GB mobile hotspot. Then you’ll also have access to 5G Ultra-Wideband, unlimited calling/ texting to 60+ countries, Disney+ subscription, international roaming, etc.

Keep in mind, $60 ($57 / month with Auto-refill) was the price the original Total Wireless offered with the 30GB plan.

Verizon Prepaid

Indeed, Verizon has a prepaid phone service if you don’t want to pay for the expensive Mix & Match Unlimited plans. The MVNO has four prepaid rate plans to choose from, starting with a basic talk & text plan at $35/ Month (or $30 with autopay).

If you’re a heavy data user, the premium Verizon prepaid phone plan goes for $60 (with autopay). The plan includes features like:

  • Access to 5G Ultra-Wideband
  • Unlimited high-speed data (with no cap)
  • 50GB of premium data (on high-priority QCI)
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (25GB on high speed)
  • Free voice calling to Canada & Mexico
  • Free international roaming in Canada & Mexico
  • Free international texting to more than 200 countries

One crucial perk I can’t forget is that the prepaid phone service on Verizon tends to have free phone promotional offers. And to qualify, you’ll only need to activate a new line.

TracFone Wireless

TracFone Wireless is another great option to consider when looking for a cheap prepaid phone service that uses Verizon towers. The company has nearly two dozen phone plans to choose from, including a monthly, two-month,  three-month, and yearly payment frequency.

Some of these bundled phone plans bring you service from $6/ month. Then the talk and text allowance you receive are not only for domestic use, but also for Basic international features.

The “Basic international” feature is where TracFone allows you to call 100+ international destinations at no additional cost. And this is a much higher number than the other selections I’ve mentioned to have an international feature.

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is one of the  brands of TracFone that have already started to switch subscribers over from T-Mobile to Verizon towers. And if Verizon is great in your area, the MVNO is the best if you travel to Latin America frequently. Why so?

All the phone plans of Simple Mobile, starting with the Basic package at $25, include free international roaming in 16 Latin-American countries. They also have basic international calling at no extra cost, and other lovely features like:

  • Lovely multi-line discounts
  • Unlimited high-speed data (no cap)
  • Mobile hotspot to share data with other devices
  • 40GB Premium data (high priority during congestion)
  • Free Cloud storage to save your digital data

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is another brand of TracFone, which means it’s under the Verizon umbrella. The six best features and perks of the prepaid phone include:

  • It offers unlimited data (60GB high speed)
  • Has up to 15GB of mobile hotspot
  • Offers domestic roaming at no charge
  • Some plans have international calling
  • Includes a bonus 100GB of Cloud Storage
  • You can call Canada & Mexico at no extra cost

Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile, a brand of DISH Wireless, is another decent prepaid phone service on Verizon you can consider for your communication. It’s a great option if you have a small budget at hand, as you can get service from as low as $10. Other amazing features of Ting include:

  • It offers unlimited data (with up to 35GB high speed)
  • The service comes with a mobile hotspot to share data
  • Supports both domestic & international roaming
  • Has budget-friendly international call rates
  •  The remaining high-speed data can carry over to the next month


Twigby will also bring you a prepaid phone service through Verizon towers for as low as ten bucks. The carrier actually has an ongoing promotion, with an introductory three-month offer at $5/ month. Other features you may love on the MVNO include:

  • It offers unlimited data (with 20GB high speed)
  • Includes mobile hotspot to share your data
  • Features decent phone deals (partial discounts)
  • Free international calling/ texting to 80+ countries

Affinity Cellular

Affinity Cellular is another of the few companies that give free phones when you switch to their service. It’s an MVNO of Verizon, which gives you access to even LTEiRA partners in rural areas. Then the monthly service has:

  •  Super-cheap pricing
  • Unlimited data (35GB high speed)
  • Supports device financing (if interested)

Cox mobile

 Cox Mobile is a recently-launched cell phone service you can get through the Verizon network. It only has two plans at the moment – pay as you gig at $15/ month and Gig Unlimited for $45. Some of the best features of the plan are:

  • Unlimited data (with 20GB high speed)
  • Decent phone deals with up to $250 in savings

Pageplus Cellular

PagePlus Cellular is yet another brand of TracFone and an MVNO of Verizon. It’s a great deal if looking for a pay-as-you-go phone service on Verizon for less. The plans here are available from as low as $10, albeit the monthly rates are about similar.

In the PagePlus Cellular monthly phone plan, you’ll have access to features and perks like:

  • Unlimited data
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Free international calling
  • Free international texting

Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile is also a brand of TracFone and a prepaid phone service on Verizon. It’s slightly pricier than the sisters above, as the cheapest plan you can get is the 5GB at $24. Then again, the priciest is Truly Unlimited at only $49.

Some of the other features you get to enjoy are:

  • Up to 30GB mobile hotspot
  • Free calling to Canada & Mexico
  • International roaming at affordable rates
  • Decent phone deals on Walmart stores/ online

Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless is another brand TracFone has brought to the Verizon umbrella. And as an MVNO of Verizon, you get to enjoy extended coverage even in the rural areas, plus other benefits, such as:

  • Unlimited high-speed data (no cap)
  • Free international text messaging
  • Basic international calling free of charge
  • Roaming on other networks is also free

Boom! Mobile

Boom! Mobile is another decent prepaid phone that uses Verizon towers for native coverage. Not many bloggers often talk about the service, unfortunately. But when you check the Boom! Mobile reviews on Google, a lot of consumers seem to like it from the:

  • Super-cheap service plans
  • Unlimited data (50GB high speed)
  • Mobile hotspot/ tethering to share data
  • Physical store (in Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Commendable customer support team

Wing Mobile

Wing Mobile is not a very famous company. But it’s a decent prepaid phone service on Verizon, as you get to enjoy:

  • Friendly pricing
  • Smartwatch service plans
  • Unlimited data (40GB high speed)
  • Mobile hotspot/ tethering to share data

Lively from Best Buy

Lively from Best Buy (formerly GreatCall) is a specialized prepaid phone service on Verizon that caters to seniors. It brings you features and perks, such as:

  • Budget-friendly service plans
  • Unlimited data (20GB high speed)
  • Quick access to Urgent Response
  • Quick access to Nurse On-Call
  • Quick access to Care Advocate quick

Pulse Cellular

Have you ever heard about Pulse Cellular? The wireless phone service is not very famous, probably from its high pricing. But you can still check it out if still yet to find the right MVNO of Verizon for your needs.

Some of the features to expect on Pulse Cellular phone service include:

  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot
  • Roaming in Canada & Mexico
  • 50GB premium data (on high-priority QCI)

Lexvor Wireless

Although the last one on my list, Lexvor Wirelessis also worth a check. Its most popular plan is the $49 prepaid on Verizon, which brings you amazing perks like:

  • High QCI priority
  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • Unlimited personal hotspot
  • Free roaming in Canada/ Mexico
  • Free international calls to Canada/ Mexico

Key Takeaway: Xfinity & Spectrum Mobile

Did I forget Xfinity Mobile & Spectrum Mobile in the quick summary? No, I didn’t. The two, although MVNOs of Verizon, currently only offer monthly postpaid services. And in case you forgot, my main topic was the best prepaid service on the Verizon network.

Another thing, the 21 carriers I’ve summarized aren’t the only ones you can get a prepaid phone service through Verizon towers. There is still Credomobile, Zing Wireless, Puppy Wireless, and many other names I’m yet to explore.

Compare the Good & Not-so-good

In conclusion, these are the options to consider when looking for the best prepaid phone service on Verizon. I’m sure some are names you’ve just learned about now, such as Lexvor and pulse cellular. But you can see, the “new” mobile providers bring you a more like-Verizon experience than many of the popular names.

Regardless, Visible Wireless is still the overall best MVNO of Verizon in the prepaid category. At only $25 (or even the regular price of $30), you have a chance to browse and stream music/ videos as much as desired. The mobile hotspot to share data with your laptop and other internet-enabled devices also has an unlimited allowance.

But again, brands of TracFone, which are part of the Verizon umbrella now, also have unlimited high-speed data, plus a bonus of international features.

So, before you make the final buying decision, compare all the good and bad of YOUR favorite six options. Then start sorting out the ONE from there.

Oh, keep in mind MVNOs tend to change their QCI standards now and then. Verizon, like other Major Carriers, of course, charge more on the small carriers to access the higher QCI priority (QCI 8). And for that, it’ll be good to keep in touch with the news of the operator you decide to join.

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