How to Get Hoop Wireless Free Tablet with Internet

Hoop Wireless is one of the cell phone providers in the country participating in the affordable connectivity program (ACP). The mobile broadband package has unlimited data, with up to 30GB of high-speed browsing. In this guide, we’ll look at the crucial details on how to get Hoop Wireless free tablet with internet bundles.

The tablet discount is not a must-get (if you don’t want to). Hoop Wireless doesn’t even offer it to all the applicants of ACP, as there are some crucial requirements to be eligible.

Hoop Wireless isn’t a Manufacturer of Tablet

Hoop Wireless is one of the companies where you can get free tablets for low-income families. However, the company is not a manufacturer of smart devices. The terms & conditions section has even stressed this, “Hoop Wireless does not manufacture any Devices or equipment…we may provide or sell to you”.

Instead, Hoop Wireless is a mobile phone provider. And from the corporate profile I’ve discovered, the service provider started just recently- around 2022. That’s just about after the government launched the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

ACP program is the longer-term replacement of the emergency broadband benefit (EBB). The main goal of this program is to provide low-income individuals with discounted fixed and mobile broadband services.

How to Get Hoop Wireless Free Tablet with Internet
Hoop Wireless Free Tablet

As a phone provider, Hoop Wireless only offers a mobile broadband discount for each month. The discount is $30 for most consumers, which gives unlimited talk, text, and data (with 10GB of high-speed browsing and unlimited 2G speeds). If on the tribal lands, the broadband discount is $75, which has up to 30GB of high-speed data and unlimited 2G speeds.

Besides the option to get a free cell phone service, the ACP program also covers a one-time discount of connected devices. The “connected device” in this case is not a free cell phone, as with the Lifeline program. It’s usually either a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet PC.

A tablet is the device cellular providers on the ACP program, like our Hoop Wireless, offer under the connected device discount. But now, how can you get one?

How to Get Hoop Wireless Free Tablet with Internet

The steps to get a Hoop Wireless free tablet from the government are pretty straightforward. That is, you only have to qualify for the ACP program, which starts with being a US citizen.

After citizenship, the next step to qualify for the discounted tablet is to meet the eligibility criteria. The two ways you can qualify for the ACP program are either with a low income or participating in government-funded assistance benefits.

Get Hoop Wireless Free Tablet with a Low Income

To qualify for Hoop Wireless free tablet with income-based eligibility, your total gross amount should be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. The “gross amount” here refers to the total income of all the adults working in your household.

Get Hoop Wireless Free Tablet with an Assistance Benefit

The second way to qualify for Hoop Wireless free tablet is with program-based eligibility. However, the government assistance program you use should be from either of the supported options, including:

  1. Medicaid (not Medicare)
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  3. Veterans & Veteran’s Survivors pension
  4. Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  5. Student’s Federal Pell Grant in the current award year
  6. Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  7. Supplemental Nutritional Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  8. Free/ Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program
  9. Tribal Head Start, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and other tribal-based assistance programs.

The programs above (except WIC, Pell Grant, and School Lunch/ Breakfast program) are naturally eligible for the government Lifeline benefit. In income-based eligibility, the Lifeline program takes 135% of the poverty guidelines, which is below the 200% cap of ACP.

So, in case you have an active Lifeline subscription, you’ll automatically qualify for the Hoop Wireless free tablet. The best part, you can continue using your Lifeline service with the current carrier and get ACP with Hoop Wireless.

Nevertheless, you can’t apply ACP with two different service providers at the same time. It’s the reason stage 3 of the Hoop Wireless enrollment page asks if you’ve received the tablet from another provider before.

How to Apply Hoop Wireless Free Tablet

If you meet either of the eligibility requirements above, you can now go ahead and apply for the tablet with Hoop Wireless. The process to apply is pretty simple as just need to:

Step 1: Gather Everything You Need

Before you start applying for the free tablet from the government with Hoop Wireless, gather everything you need for the process. The items you’ll need include a fully functional internet-enabled device, plus copies with proof of identity, eligibility, and physical address.

Proof of identity: As a legal adult, you’ll need a copy of documents like a valid passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, government/ state/Tribal/ military ID, and certificate of Naturalization. If applying as a minor (through the Pell Grant or the School Lunch/ Breakfast program), you‘ll need a certificate or court document that shows your emancipation status.

Proof of eligibility: If applying with income-based eligibility, you’ll need a copy of documents like a recent tax return, income statement, social security benefits statement, unemployment/ worker’s compensation statement, et cetera. Then, when applying with program-based eligibility, you can have a copy of the benefit award letter, verification letter, or benefits statement. (Students can use an official letter from the school that shows the eligibility program).

Proof of physical address: Some of the documents used as proof of identity or eligibility can show your place of residence. But in case asked to upload another proof of physical address, have a recent copy of a utility bill, mortgage/ lease statement, tax return, or W-2 statement.

Step 2: Initiate the Hoop Wireless Enrollment

Once you’ve got everything required, grab your internet-enabled device (smartphone/ tablet/ laptop/ desktop computer), and visit Then click the bold “Get Started” button.

Step 3: Select your Preferred Hoop Wireless Plan

When you “Get Started”, Hoop Wireless will want you to choose your preferred service plan. The company has three plans to choose from, including “Cell Phone Service”, “Mobile Hotspot”, and “Internet Tablet”.

Select the “Internet Tablet” plan to start applying for the discounted tablet PC immediately.

Step 4: Confirm You Need a Hoop Wireless Tablet

After selecting the “Internet Tablet” plan, Hoop Wireless will ask you to confirm the device you’ll be using for the service. Select the first option of a “Brand new tablet for only $10.01”.

You’ll also get a prompt to confirm if you’ve received a $10 tablet from another provider before. If you select “NO”, Hoop will take you to the next stage to Provide Your Personal Information. The “personal” information includes your Name, Last digits of Social Security Number, Email address, phone number, physical address, et cetera.

After filling in all the details, hit the bold “Next” button at the bottom right of the page.

Step 5: Check Out Your Order

When you click the “Next” button in Step 4 above, Hoop Wireless will take you to the “Checkout” page. In this section, you’ll need to fill in your payment method for the FCC’s copayment fee of $10.01.

Once you’ve entered your payment information (debit/ credit card), hit the “Complete Order” button.

Step 6: Confirm your ACP eligibility

If you’re able to “Complete Order”, Hoop Wireless will ask for the eligibility means you wish to apply for the ACP tablet. Select the government assistance program you’re participating in, then approve the “I agree to all terms & conditions” tab.

Make sure you select all the options Hoop asks you to give your consent.

Step 7: Complete the enrollment

At this point, Hoop Wireless will receive your order to their Systems. The company will then reach out to the National Verifier (USAC’s verification database) to confirm your eligibility for ACP.

If Hoop is unable to confirm your eligibility, it will redirect you to the National Verifier for initial verification.

Once the National Verifier approves your application and provides an approval ID number, revisit and complete enrollment.

Note: If new to the ACP program, the proof documents in Step 1 will be required when registering with the National Verifier. Upload only a copy of these documents and not the original pieces, as you won’t be getting them back.

Once they confirm your approval ID number from National Verifier, Hoop Wireless will start processing your ACP order almost immediately. Then, they will ship it (the order) to the physical address you listed in the enrollment.

What Kind Of Tablet Does Hoop Wireless Give You

If you enrolled for Hoop Wireless with the “Internet Tablet” plan, your order will come with the tablet and SIM card.

One thing I like about Hoop is that it has very transparent policies. The company website has even listed the kind of tablet to expect, something most of the other ACP providers rarely share.

At the time of writing, the kind of tablet Hoop Wireless gives with the ACP program is a Hyundai Tablet. The company does not list the exact model of the tablet. But the specs they have listed match exactly those of the Hyundai HyTab Plus (10LC2), including:

  • A 10-inch, 800 x 1280 HD display
  • 1.6 GHz UNISOC SC9863 processor
  • Built-in 32GB storage, 2GB RAM
  • Compatible with up to 4G LTE network
  • MicroSD slot to expand your storage
  • Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) LAN connectivity
  • A 5MP rear camera & 2MP front camera
Key Takeaway:

Hoop Wireless usually locks mobile devices it offers to its network. Thus, you may be unable to use your free government tablet on another network until you fulfill the necessary unlock policies.

In these unlock policies, Hoop Wireless provides that your device will qualify for unlocking after 12 months from the initial activation. Only military personnel may be able to have their devices unlocked sooner, provided they have the necessary deployment papers.

Remember, It’s Either Use Or Lose

In a nutshell, that’s everything that matters on how to get a Wireless free tablet with internet through the ACP program. I’m not going to lie the mobile broadband provider is on my top favorites list. But we can’t deny its offerings are a little better than what many other companies participating in ACP give.

For instance, Hoop Wireless isn’t exactly an eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC) and doesn’t offer the Lifeline program. However, the free mobile data allowance you get each month is relatively more than what ETCs like Easy Wireless and TAG Mobile give you on the Lifeline + ACP combo plan.

That should, Hoop Wireless still has to comply with the policies the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has laid for the ACP program. And that includes disconnecting you from the free government phone and broadband service due to non-usage.

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