How to Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid 2023

As you know by now, the government has a long line of assistance benefits to help those struggling with a low income. Medicaid is an example of these benefits, which offers free or low-cost health coverage. It’s also one of the keys get free cell phone service without paying. And in my guide here today, I’ll be taking you through how to get a free tablet with Medicaid 2023 has to offer.

Free government tablets have been a hot topic in recent days. A few days ago, I covered how to get a free tablet with EBT– an account associated with yet another federal assistance benefit. But the truth is that tablets are relatively more comfortable to use for online tasks than smartphones.

In that I mean a tablet not only has a large screen to expand your viewing experience. Some of the iconic brands like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab can also connect to a wireless keyboard. Thus, making it possible to carry on with your office work, school homework, or blog content (like me) with ease.

Sadly, however, not many providers partnered with the government to give these free tablets stock flagship brands. Since I started writing (and researching) about this topic, I’ve been able to identify only two companies with premium options.

What’s the Best Provider of a Free Tablet with Medicaid?

The sole purpose of this article is to make sure you get to know everything about the free tablet with Medicaid. I’ve made efforts to include details like the new eligibility requirements, how to apply, plus the participating providers and the kind of tablet brand they give you.

Before we come to all that, the top six best providers you can get a free tablet with Medicaid today are:

Don’t Confuse Medicaid with Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare are two government assistance programs that tend to confuse a lot of people. Not only are the names so similar, but they also offer medical cover to eligible consumers.

Nonetheless, each assistance program has a different source of financing funds and the means to qualify.

Medicare is health insurance for seniors 65 years old. It also provides medical costs for people under age 65 that have certain disabilities, kidney failure, or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease.

In addition to the age/ sickness requirement, you still have to meet the required working days to qualify for Medicare. The reason for this is for the “Trust Deposit” you paid during your working days is what funds your medical bills with Medicare.

How to Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid

Meanwhile, the federal and state governments jointly fund the Medicaid program from the fund raised through state taxes. Some of these taxes are those collected through citizen income, plus narrow and broad-based sales taxes.

Furthermore, the Medicaid assistance program covers medical bills for all ages, ranging from children to the senior citizens. The key requirement is that you must have a low income (either as an individual/ family). Then you should be in one of the Medicaid-eligible groups.

The 4 Groups of People Eligible for Medicaid

  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women: applies when you’re pregnant, either as a single or married. The best part is that for births while on Medicaid, both mother and child get covered.
  • Medicaid for Children & teens: applies to children 18 years old (in some cases age 21) or under from a low-income household as well. In this case, a parent/guardian can apply or a teenager living on his/ her own.
  • Medicaid for the aged, disabled, and/ or blind: as the title, this group includes the aged (age 65 or older), blind, or disabled who are terminally ill and require hospice services. You can apply if living in a nursing home or staying at home but on a special nursing/ community care.
  •  Medicaid for other situations: applies to the people who may need health coverage after leaving welfare. You can only qualify in this group if in a family with a child/children under 18 years old. It’s also possible to qualify as an individual (who is pregnant, under age 18, or aged/ blind/ disabled) if on a very high medical bill difficult to pay.

Once certain you’re on either of these programs, it would be easy to qualify for Medicaid. You only need to apply, which can be done either directly with your state Medicaid agency or through the Health Insurance Marketplace® (Visit ).

Speaking of your State Medicaid agency, you should know the other eligibility requirements for this assistance program varies with states. You can check out theMedicaid Assistant Program Glossary for the links and contacts specific to your state.

How To Get A Free Tablet With Medicaid           

Once approved to receive Medicaid benefits, your State agency will send your eligibility Medicaid ID card in the mail. The card is what you’ll be using to cater for your medical bills in the accepted areas. Keep in mind the government can pay for the full amount of your bill or just part of it.

As you already know, Medicaid is one of the assistance programs you can get free tablets for low-income families. After all, Medicaid healthcare coverage is only available to low-income individuals and families.

The free tablet is part of the discounts that the government is sponsoring on the affordable connectivity program (ACP). ACP is the replacement of the previous emergency broadband benefit (EBB) that the government launched in 2021 to support victims. And “Victim” in this case refers to the people has affected financially.

Since Medicaid is already one of the keys to qualifying for the ACP, you’ll only need to provide proof of participation. But don’t send a copy of your Medicaid ID card as proof. Instead, get a form of eligibility or a letter of participation from your State Medicaid agency.

Once with the proof of (active) Medicaid, you can now visit your preferred mobile or fixed broadband provider with the free ACP tablets from the government. Then apply.

The 13 Broadband Providers You Can Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid

Thefederal communications commission provides that ACP should include a $30 discount (or $75 on tribal lands) on a broadband connection and up to $100 off a connected device. And at the time of writing, over 1,600 broadband providers were participating in the ACP benefit.

However, out of the thousands, I’ve been able to identify only a few service providers you can get the free tablet. The majority of these providers are mobile broadband providers, specifically the lifeline phone providers. But there are select internet providers you can get the smart device, such as Sarver Wireless. See the complete list below.

 Carrier NetworkFree Tablets Available
Cintex WirelessT-MobileApple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Alcatel, etc 
AirTalk WirelessT-MobileApple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sky Elite, etc. 
Easy WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite T8 
Torch WirelessAT&TBLU M8L, FOXXD T8, Maxwest, etc. 
Sarver WirelessT-MobileHP Puya Tab or Sky Devices Elite 
StandUp WirelessT-MobileSky Devices Elite, Vortex Tab 8, & NUU Tab 
Unity WirelessT-Mobile & AT&TBenton OXTAB 10 Tablet PC
Q Link WirelessT-MobileQ Link Scepter 8 Tab 
TruConnect WirelessT-MobileCloud Mobile Sunshine Elite 
MOOLAH WirelessAT&TMOOLAH Mobile Tab 
EnTouch Wireless  VerizonSky Devices 
Maxsip Telecom  AT&TBLU M8L 
Excess TelecomT-MobileBLU M10L PRO 

Cintex Wireless

 Cintex Wireless is the overall best ACP provider you can get a Free Tablet with Medicaid. The mobile broadband provider has a wide selection of tablets to choose from, including flagship brands such as:

  •  Apple iPad 4– has 32GB built-in storage & 1GB RAM
  • Apple iPad 3– has 32GB built-in storage & 1GB RAM
  • Alcatel Joy Tab 2– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3- has 32GB built-in storage & 4GB RAM

AirTalk Wireless

 AirTalk Wireless is the second-best provider of free tablets from the government. It’s the sister brand to Cintex Wireless. Hence, the reason the ACP perks and allowances are so similar.

For instance, the brands of the free tablets available include the five options available above, and:

  • Apple iPad Mini– has 32GB built-in storage & 0.5GB RAM
  • Sky Elite T8 Plus- has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E- has 16GB built-in storage & 1.5GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM

EnTouch Wireless

 EnTouch Wireless is a decent lifeline phone provider, in particular, if you travel a lot or reside in the Midwest/Northwestern region. It’s also participating in the ongoing affordable connectivity, whereby you can even get a free tablet with Medicaid.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find the exact brand of tablets the company is handing out at the moment. But I’m assuming they have to be Sky Devices since the company also use the manufacturer for its free lifeline phones.

Sarver Wireless

 Sarver Wireless is one of the few fixed internet service providers you can get a free ACP tablet with Medicaid. You can apply for the benefit in either of the fifty states, albeit the company is from LA, California. And once approved, you can expect to receive either of the two brands:

  • HP Puya 10.1” Tab- has 2GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Sky Devices Elite T10- has 32GB built-in storage & 64GB RAM

Easy Wireless

You can also get a free tablet with Medicaid at Easy Wireless. The company isn’t very clear on the kind of tablet to expect once eligible. But after extensive research, I’ve been able to discover you’ll be getting a Sky Devices Elite T8 tablet that has 32GB built-in storage & 2GB RAM.

Torch Wireless

 Torch Wireless is not a well-known mobile broadband service, for sure. However, it’s one of the few lifeline companies to consider if the AT&T network works best in your area.

If eligible for the ACP benefits, Torch Wireless will also give you a one-time discount on a tablet. And after an online chat with a customer rep, I’ve been able to discover the kind of tablet you get is either of the selections below:

  • BLU M8L– has 2GB built-in storage & 1GB RAM
  • FOXXD T8– has 16GB built-in storage & 2GB RAM
  • XMOBILE X8– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Maxwest Nitro 8– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Maxwest Astro 8q– has 32GB built-in storage & 2GB RAM
  • Hyundai HYTAB PLUS 8LB1– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is one of the few mobile broadband providers I’ll also consider decent. You can get up to 30GB of high-speed data, plus a bonus tablet when you combine your lifeline with ACP benefit.

Sadly, Q Link doesn’t state the kind of tablet they give on this offer. But after research, I’ve learned the provider gives a branded Q Link Scepter 8 tab that has 16GB/ 32GB of built-in storage and 2GB RAM.

StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless is yet another decent lifeline provider you can get a free tablet with a Medicaid program. The company, just like most, doesn’t advertise on its website the brand of tablet you will get when eligible. However, you can expect to receive either of the following:

  • Sky Devices Elite T8– has 32GB built-in storage & 2GB RAM
  • NUU Tab 8 4G LTE– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Vortex Tab 8– has 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM

Unity Wireless

Which network work best in your area? Unity Wireless brings you an affordable connectivity program on both AT&T and T-Mobile. The slight drawback is that you can only join with either of the two GSM networks- not both.

If a new member of ACP with Unity Wireless, you do get a free tablet with a Medicaid assistance program. Then, I’ve confirmed the tablet you get is a Benton OXTAB 10, with 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM. However, the company may send a different one if this one is unavailable.

MOOLAH Wireless

Similarly, MOOLAH Wireless brings you ACP benefits through the AT&T towers. It sure doesn’t have the best allowances, considering you only get 3GB of high-speed data. But when you join for the first time, there’s a free tablet to use with your service.

The kind of tablet you get from MOOLAH Wireless is the 10-inch MOOLAH Mobile Tab that has 32GB built-in storage and 3GB RAM.

Maxsip Telecom

If you’re in an AT&T area but need better allowances, Maxsip Telecom is offering ACP with up to 15GB of high-speed data. The program also includes a one-time discount on a tablet when you join. And the brand of the tablet you will get is a BLU M8L Tab that has 32GB built-in storage and 3GB (or 1GB) RAM.

Excess Telecom

Well, if T-Mobile is the network best in your location, you can consider Excess Telecom for the ACP benefits. The ACP includes the monthly mobile broadband discount, as well as a one-time offer of a connected device. A tablet is what you get for the offer of the “connected device”. And upon a request, Excess Telecom mentioned they give a BLU M10l Pro tablet that has 32GB built-in storage and 2GB RAM.

TruConnect Wireless

 Although last on the list, TruConnect is a decent mobile broadband service. As a lifeline provider, it’s automatically eligible to provide the ACP benefits, which bring you up to 15GB of high-speed data. Then there’s also the one-time discount on connected devices.

The last time I checked, the kind of tablet you get with TruConnect on ACP was a Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite that has 16GB of built-in memory. But you should always be ready for anything as what the carrier sends depend on the stock available.

 Common Related Questions:

Is the free tablet with Medicaid FREE?

MOOLAH Wireless is the only service provider where the free tablet with Medicaid is FREE. The reason for this is that MOOLAH Mobile, the partner of MOOLAH Wireless, pay the $10.01 that the FCC has asked ACP providers to charge their subscribers.

How can I get a free tablet with Medicaid?

The steps how to get a free tablet with Medicaid are very straightforward. I mean, you just need to confirm the Medicaid account you intend to use is active (apply if you don’t have one). Then:
 Choose the service provider you’d like to apply for the ACP benefit. Visit their website
Begin the enrollment (look for a button like apply/ register/ join/enroll/ and click it).
Next, use onscreen instructions to fill out all the required details. The details include your name, date of birth, physical address, et cetera
After filling in the details, your service provider will ask for your document proofs. These are the official details to show you’re exactly who you say. They include proof of eligibility ( Medciad form/ letter), proof of identity (such as National ID card/ driver’s ), and proof of physical address (like utility bill statement)
Finally, submit your application and wait for the National Verifier to determine if you’re eligible or not. If approved, you’ll receive a unique number that you can use to follow up on your application with the provider.

Does T-Mobile give a free Tablet with Medicaid?

First, Medicaid is a government assistance program that covers medical bills for low-income consumers. second, T-Mobile is a prepaid/ postpaid network provider, which does not participate directly in ACP. So, no, T-Mobile does not give a free tablet with Medicaid.
However, T-Mobile brands MetroPCS and Assurance Wireless are participating in ACP. Then again, the two only have an option of free monthly service with no discount on a “connected device”. They don’t give a free tablet as well.

You Can Only Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid Once

If you’d like to browse on a large screen, that’s how to get a free tablet with Medicaid today. Of course, the list of providers should be longer, including others like TAG Mobile, Access Wireless, and Life Wireless. But the thirteen selections are the only ones I could find the kind of tablet you’re likely to get when you join.

Speaking of the tablet, you’ll notice the discounted tablet from 90% of the providers is an entry-level brand. Many of the brands are names you’ll not find in the US market. Then even for those with brands we know, the free tablet you get will be a few years old, not the most current series.

To conclude, do remember you can only get a free tablet with Medicaid once when joining. The offer is also limited to only one per household (a household is where one or more people live together and share income/ expense). Then you can only apply with one provider.

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