How To Get EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone for FREE?

EnTouch Wireless is one of the telecommunication carriers you can get a free cell phone from the government. However, what kind of phone do you get from the carrier? Is the FREE phone worth it? And most importantly, will you need to pay for an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone in case the previous one has problems?

In a nutshell, EnTouch Wireless is a decently good cell phone provider. As an eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC), it has the FCC approval to offer Lifeline and ACP in most states (not all) across the country. And when eligible for the two programs, you’ll have a chance to enjoy free unlimited everything service, with up to 25GB of high-speed data (then unlimited 2G data).

In addition to this, EnTouch Wireless also gives you a free touch screen phone when you join. If you ever come to have an issue with your device, the carrier can also send you another. But whether that EnTouch Wireless replacement phone will be FREE depends on the situation you’re in at the time.

5 Situations You May Need an EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone

In this short guide, my objective is to take you through everything is there to know about the EnTouch Wireless replacement phone policy.

But before all else, the five situations you may need this replacement include:

· Situation 1: Replace a Malfunctioned EnTouch Wireless Phone

The first situation you may need an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone is when your previous device malfunctions. “Malfunction” in this case refers to the issues that are not your fault – i.e. defects that come with the phone when you receive it.

Such defects include the phone not powering on/ charging, the camera not working, an unresponsive screen, an unfunctional earpiece/ mouthpiece, etc.

Lucky!: EnTouch Wireless has a pretty gentle phone replacement policy in this case.

· Situation 2: Replace a Damaged EnTouch Wireless Phone

The second time you may need to replace your EnTouch Wireless phone is when your previous device gets damaged in your own hands. Well, the damage could have occurred in your own hands or somebody else’s. But in the eyes of our carrier, the defects here are the user’s fault.

An example of the damage in this category includes all the defects we have under Situation 1 above. Then there’s the addition of cracked screen, broken buttons, burnt motherboards, et cetera.

Unlucky!: EnTouch Wireless has a harsh phone replacement policy in this case

· Situation 3: Replace an Incompatible EnTouch Wireless Phone

When your phone is no longer compatible with EnTouch Wireless, you’ll have to replace it. The incompatibility can be either related to the network or carrier.

In carrier compatibility, the general rule is to always use either a phone locked to EnTouch Wireless or fully unlocked. Then for network compatibility, your phone can only get service if it supports the cellular frequencies of the Carrier Network.

As you may know, different Carrier Networks usually run on different frequencies- for the most part, anyway. It’s the reason when showing you how to get an Airtalk Wireless replacement phone I said some subscribers may have to get another device compatible with the new Carrier Network.

Unfortunately, EnTouch Wireless has also changed Carrier Networks recently- in 2021, I think. At the time, carriers were also in the process to retire their old 3G network technology. And this means the existing customers on the carrier at the time had multiple compatibility reasons to replace their old devices.

Lucky!: EnTouch Wireless has a relatively gentle phone replacement policy in this case as well.

· Situation 4: Replace a Lost/ Stolen EnTouch Wireless Phone

Have you lost your EnTouch Wireless phone? Oops, but don’t worry. It has happened to the best of us. And, of course, when you lose your phone, you’ll have to get another to continue using your free cell phone service from the government.

The “Loss” in this case can be from either misplacement or a pickpocketer swapping it from your pocket. And in either case, you must contact the carrier (EnTouch Wireless) immediately.

Unlucky! EnTouch Wireless has a harsh phone replacement policy in this case as well

· Situation 5: Replace an Outdated EnTouch Wireless Phone

Last but not least, you can seek an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone if what you have is a bit outdated. The kind of phone EnTouch Wireless gives you is an entry-level brand, as we shall see below. And for that, there are quite many reasons you may want to have another one.

Access to 5G, eSIM support, faster processor, more built-in memory, larger display, NFC, Video recording in 4K, and water-resistant build. All these are things you won’t have on the current free phone EnTouch Wireless give you. If they’re features you want, the next option will be to get another device that supports them.

Unlike the other four situations above, the purpose of replacing your phone here is to enjoy a better experience. Thus, it’s more of a phone upgrade, albeit most people use the two words (upgrade and replacement) interchangeably.

Lucky/ Unlucky!: EnTouch Wireless has no specific phone upgrade policy at the moment.

5 Things to Know Before You Get an EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone

When looking to replace your defective/ damaged/ incompatible/ lost/ stolen/ outdated Entouch Wireless phone, there are five crucial points you should keep in mind:

  • EnTouch Wireless is now an MVNO of T-Mobile, which means your phone must have bands 2, 4*, 5, 12*, 66, & 71* to get a signal. (* marks the primary/ extended-range spectrum, and your phone needs at least one to work on EnTouch Wireless. Bands 5 and 66 are still crucial, as they tap into the high-capacity spectrum that brings you the fastest LTE data speeds.
  • EnTouch Wireless doesn’t support 5G yet. You only have access to up to 4G LTE network, which is decently good- but not great.
  • EnTouch Wireless deprioritizes data on all plans- Lifeline-only, ACP-only, Lifeline+ ACP combo, or the 30-day paid options. In case you’re wondering, “deprioritized data” or deprioritization is where your data speed drops slower than the subscribers on a higher QCI priority during network congestion.
  • EnTouch Wireless gives you an entry-level phone for a free phone offer. Sky Devices Elite H55 is the kind of phone the ETC give you at the moment. And a quick peak on the device, you can expect specs like a 5.5-inch display, 1.4GHz processor, 16GB built-in memory, 1GB RAM, and 4G LTE.
  • EnTouch Wireless offers locked phones, which they only unlock after at least twelve (12) months, except for deployed military personnel.

A Quick Guide on How to Get EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone

There are three main ways how to get an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone”

Method 1: Get EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone for FREE

The answer you’ve been looking for is here… YES, you can get a free EnTouch Wireless replacement phone. It’s part I’ve mentioned earlier of a gentle policy since the operator won’t be charging you any dime.

Sadly, I’ve only been able to verify you can get a free replacement EnTouch Wireless phone under the Defective devices exchanges. And under this policy, the provider only claims you can get a no-cost exchange if they shipped a defective phone.

However, I’d expect EnTouch to offer a free replacement phone after changing the Carrier Network. It’s not the users’ fault the provider couldn’t handle staying under Verizon, anyways. Then I’ve seen EnTouch competitors like Assurance Wireless send its old subscribers free replacement phones when it joined T-Mobile.

Long story short, EnTouch Wireless supports their FREE phones with only a thirty (30) day return window. If you return your device beyond this window, you’ll have to pay the standard warranty replacement fee.

Now, to initiate a phone replacement with Entouch, you’ll first need to call Customer Care at 611 or 1-866-488-8719. The customer rep will give you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number and instructions to follow.

Part of the instructions will be to clear all your personal data and security features (if any). Then box up everything (the defective phone and the accessories it came with) on the original package.

After you have everything under one package, the next step will be to attach the RMA you received from the Entouch team. Finally, mail the package to the return address (that the EnTouch customer agent will provide alongside the RMA).

Important Note:

Entouch Wireless recommends you get a tracking number once you’ve shipped your defective phone for a replacement. Once they’ve received, inspected, and approved your return, EnTouch will start processing your free replacement.

As for the replacement phone, the company can send what you had or a different comparable model. The device can also be a brand-new or certified refurbished brand (like new, albeit with few cosmetic imperfections).

Entouch doesn’t provide the delivery timeline of the device orders, as this often depends on your location. However, they ship the devices via USPS, thereby you can log in to your account and get a tracking number.

If by any chance your phone gets damaged, lost, or stolen before delivery, Entouch Wireless says they may replace it at no cost. But I’m sure you know the answer in sentences with “MAY/ MIGHT” is usually a YES/ NO.

Method 2: Get EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone for a FEE

If you fail to qualify for the free EnTouch Wireless replacement phone, the only way to get another device will be for a FEE. The method is applicable in situations of a damaged phone from a user’s fault, loss, or theft.

If this is your situation, reach out to the EnTouch customer support team at telephone number 1-866-488-8719. The customer rep should help you apply for a replacement. But in this case, there’s an applicable standard replacement fee of $25 to $99, depending on the device brand.

Remember what I said at the beginning of EnTouch’s harsh replacement policy for damaged, lost, or stolen phones? Well, this replacement fee is one of the reasons why. But the bitter part is the fact that the company won’t ship the order until the due fee is paid (by either credit card or money order).


If your phone was lost or stolen, you should report it to EnTouch Wireless customer support immediately. Customer care will temporarily suspend your account, making sure no one can use your service allotments.

Even so, the company provides that they’ll keep your service on suspension for fourteen (14) days. After fourteen days, they’ll unsuspend your account, whether you’ve got a phone or not.

If EnTouch unsuspends your account but you go thirty days without using your free phone service, this qualifies as a non-usage. And the policy on service non-usage is that you’ll get de-enrolled from the program.

Method 3: Get EnTouch Wireless Replacement Phone through BYOD

The third way how to get an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone will be to bring your own. It’s the most ideal option when you want to replace an outdated device or just get something with the latest/ decent features.

EnTouch Wireless does support bring your own device (BYOD) feature. All you have to do is make sure the phone is both carrier and network compatible

  • In network compatibility, the deal is that the phone must have frequency bands compatible with T-Mobile.
  • In carrier compatibility, the phone you bring should either be locked to EnTouch Wireless or fully unlocked (factory-unlocked or carrier-unlocked). Your BYOD should also have no red flags- i.e. not reported stolen, lost, or involved in fraud.

Choose EnTouch Wireless BYOD if Possible

Whether the problem is loss, stolen, malfunction, outdated, or incompatibility issues, that’s how to get an EnTouch Wireless replacement phone. You can try the free option if you’re sure the issue with the device isn’t you and also thirty days haven’t passed.

But in my opinion, BYOD will be the best way to replace your government phone. You’ll not just have a guarantee of fast delivery. The options also let you choose the device to use. You can even get those flagship brands with the latest features 5G, 4K camera, more built-in memory, et cetera.

And, fortunately, you don’t need to have all the monies to shop for what you need nowadays. Various retailers, including Major marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart, now support buy-now-pay-later financing. You can own your desired Android or iPhone through an installment payment plan of as low as $20 or lesser.

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