How to Get Clear Wireless Free Tablet with ACP

Clear Wireless is one of the few providers of free phone service from the government with a high customer rating. The service will even come with a free smartphone when you apply for the first time. But for now, this article will focus on how to get Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP.

Unlike most ACP providers, Clear Wireless has physical stores in some locations. And in case your area has no local store to visit, you can apply online in six easy steps, as we shall see shortly.

What’s Clear Wireless Free Tablet?

In this guide, the idea is to take you through how to get Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP. But before we come to that, what’s Clear Wireless free tablet?

First, Clear Wireless is a trading name of Clear Mobile, LLC. (Don’t confuse it with the Clear Wireless internet service that Sprint used to own before discontinuing in 2015). It offers free government phone and broadband service through AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Although on a deal with the government, Clear Wireless isn’t exactly an eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC) from the details I could gather. So, you should expect to only apply for the affordable connectivity program (ACP)- No Lifeline.

As you may already know, ACP is a program the government launched in 2021 to offer broadband discounts. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has set the broadband discount at $30/ month for most and $75 if on tribal lands.

Besides the broadband benefit, the ACP program also has a one-time offer of up to $100 to purchase a connected discount. The “connected device” usually can be a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet PC. Most of the companies participating in the ACP program usually have a tablet for the connected device discount, though.  

Clear Wireless is one of these companies where you can get a free tablet. However, the service provider does not make devices of its own. And for that, the tablet you get will be from its manufacturing partners.

How to Get Clear Wireless Free Tablet with ACP

The steps to apply for the free ACP tablet from the government with Clear Wireless are straightforward. But then, not every applicant for the program will qualify.

Like its predecessor, emergency broadband benefit (EBB), the ACP program is only available to low-income US citizens. The low-income requirement applies to individuals with a low income within the set cap or who participate in the government-funded assistance benefit.

Clear Wireless Free Tablet with ACP

To apply for the tablet with the “low income” requirement, the rule is that your total gross amount should be at or below 200% of the federal government guidelines. Gross income is the total amount of all the adults in your household.

If you participate in a government-funded assistance program, you may also be eligible for the Clear Wireless tablet. “May” is the keyword here as you can only qualify for ACP on the accepted assistance programs, including:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in some states)
  • Student’s Pell Grant in the current award year
  • Veterans & Veteran’s Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Section 8 / Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • SNAP (called Food Stamps or CalFresh in some states)
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Breakfast or School Lunch Program
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Head Start, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and other tribal-based programs

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Clear Wireless doesn’t have the license to offer the Lifeline program. It can only participate in the ACP, and the two (ACP and Lifeline) are separate programs.

However,  you automatically qualify for a Clear Wireless tablet with ACP if on a Lifeline subscription with another carrier. The assistance programs and income requirements you would use for Lifeline free phone can work for ACP, anyway.

How to Get Clear Wireless Free Tablet with ACP

Basically, the first step to getting a Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP is to qualify- with either of the eligibility requirements above. Once with that,  you’re ready to apply.

Overall, there are three main methods how to apply Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP. They include:

Method 1: Apply Clear Wireless Free Tablet in Person

If you’d like to get a Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP fast, this is definitely the way to go. The trick to applying for the government broadband benefit in person is to visit the local stores of the company.

While Clear Wireless offers the ACP program in all the states, only Oklahoma currently has dedicated dealer stores. The stores are in TulsaLawton,  and Duncan, all of which have pretty impressive customer reviews.

Besides these physical stores, though, ACP providers tend to have traveling sales agents offering their services on the road. I’m not going to lie I’ve met any of the agents specific to Clear Wireless. But I’ve seen several posts on social media platforms, especially Facebook.

When you apply for a Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP in person, the customer representative will help with everything. You’ll just need to provide your personal information (Name, physical address, contact phone number, date of birth, and last digits of social security number) and eligibility details.

Eligibility details mean you give the name of the assistance program (or income level) you wish to apply for the ACP.

Like anything else, your word won’t be enough to complete the enrollment. You’ll need to provide a proof document of eligibility, identity, and physical address.

  • Proof of identity: You’ll need a copy of documents like a valid passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, government/ state/Tribal/ military ID, or certificate of Naturalization.
  • Proof of eligibility: In income-based requirements, you’ll need a copy of documents like a recent tax return, income statement, social security benefits statement, unemployment/ worker’s compensation statement, et cetera.  Then, when applying with program-based eligibility, you can have a copy of the benefit award letter, verification letter, or benefits statement.
  • Proof of physical address: A recent copy of documents like a utility bill, mortgage/ lease statement,  tax return,  W-2 statement, driver’s license, or government-issued ID is ideal.
Important Note:

Students can get Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP through the Pell Grant or the School Lunch/ Breakfast program. In this case, you‘ll need an official letter from the school to show your proof of eligibility. As a minor, a certificate or court document that shows your emancipation status can work for the proof of identity.

Method 2: Apply Clear Wireless Free Tablet by Call

The second way to get a Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP is to call customer service at 1-888-303-6360. When you get in touch with a customer representative, he’ll help you sign up for the broadband program.

To register you, the Clear Wireless agent will need your personal information. Then you’ll need to submit the document proof of identity, eligibility, and physical address via email or mail address.

Method 3: Apply Clear Wireless Tablet Online

The third way you can get a Clear Wireless tablet is to grab an internet-enabled device and apply online. It’s certainly not the fastest approach to receiving the device. But this method is the most efficient, as you can enroll all by yourself from the start to the end.

To apply Clear Wireless tablet online, you just need to:

  1. On your internet-enabled phone/ laptop/ desktop PC, visit
  2. Once on the Clear page, click the bold “Apply Now” button.  Then enter your Zip Code and hit “Continue”.
  3. If available in your Zip code, Clear Wireless will take you to the enrollment page. The first stage of enrollment is to fill in your personal information in the appropriate boxes. Then hit the “Continue” button
  4. Next, fill in your home physical address. (The ZIP code, City, and State boxes will be already pre-filled from Step 2). Then click the “Continue” button
  5. When you “Continue”, Clear Wireless will take you to the second stage of Eligibility. Select the eligibility program you wish to apply with the ACP. Then click the “Continue” button
  6. At this point, you’ll get the success message “You’re pre-approved by Clear Wireless”. If the information you’ve provided is with National Verifier, the page will take you to the third stage of Plans. But in case your information is unverified, you’ll need to  “Complete National Verifier”part to proceed to the next stage.

To “Complete National Verifier”, you’ll need to upload your proof documents of identity, eligibility, and physical address. If the National Verifier approves your details, you’ll get an approval ID number. Then, you can come back to and complete the enrollment.

Once you pass the eligibility part, Clear Wireless will take you to the third stage to choose your broadband plan. The plans are Ultimate ($30 discount) for non-tribal consumers and Ultimate+ ($75 discount) for those on tribal lands.

After everything and your application summary is correct, you can now submit it. Then when the company receives it (the application), they’ll start processing your order.

What kind of tablet does Clear Wireless Give You?

After Clear Wireless receives your ACP order, they’ll start processing it. If you applied online or by call, the company will mail the order to the physical address you used in the enrollment. Hence, the reason you’ll get the prompts to confirm whether the physical address listed is permanent or temporary.

Whether applying in person, online, or by call, Clear Wireless doesn’t let you choose the kind of tablet to get. The ACP provider will send whatever is available in stock at the time.

Note: The kind of phone Clear  Wireless gives you with ACP is usually an iPhone 6, AT&T Fusion Z, or Calypso and BLU Smartphones.  So, don’t expect the free tablet from the company to be the latest series either.

Don’t Forget there’s an FCC Charge for the Tablet

If still interested, that’s everything relevant you need to know on how to get a Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP today. The company is certainly not among the top options. But it no doubt has one of the best recommendations, especially for those in Oklahoma.

Also, the 10GB of high-speed data Clear Wireless has for this ACP-only plan is better than the ACP + Lifeline combo plans of some ETCs.  I’m hoping the free tablet you get is a decent brand you can use to make the most of your service.

Speaking of free, I should mention the Clear Wireless free tablet with ACP isn’t 100% free.  To qualify for the up to $100 discount on the connected device, the FCC demands that ACP providers charge a co-payment fee of more than $10 but less than $50.

On its end, Clear Wireless charges $10.99 for the co-payment, which falls within the FCC requirements.

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