How To Get A Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone Free in 2024

Can I get a free Cintex Wireless replacement phone if my previous one got damaged? If not free, how much does Cintex charge to replace a device?

Cintex Wireless is an eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC) with a permit to participate in the Lifeline program from the government. It offers eligible consumers free phone service and also a one-time handset to get started.

4 Crucial Things to Know about Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone

In this quick guide, we’ll look at how you can get a Cintex Wireless replacement free of charge. But before that, it’s worth mentioning:

  • Cintex Wireless has free replacement phones for only eligible returns
  • Cintex Wireless has a standard phone replacement fee of $25 for other returns
  • Cintex Wireless lets you bring your own replacement phone to their service
  • Cintex Wireless has replacement upgrade phones from iPhone and Samsung under $100

Is the Free Phone Cintex Wireless Give You Worth it?

When applying for the Cintex Wireless free phone deal, you get an option to bring your own device or receive one. If you even have a good phone to bring, I recommend choosing the freebie Cintex is giving away.

The free phone Cintex Wireless gives you is better than what most Lifeline providers have. Of course, the website is still showing they only have a basic flip phone and a generic smartphone. However, the enrollment form has the option to choose the free device to get, which includes brands like Apple and Samsung.

Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone
Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone

The free phones from these high-end brands Cintex has are all refurbished and older models. But I still believe they are worth it and better than what many Lifeline providers give you.

For instance, there’s a chance to get an Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 if approved for the free phone program. The device series is 7 years old and no longer in production. However, they still pack some lovely features like:

  • A rugged, IP67-rated build
  • Supports up to 4G LTE connectivity
  • Has a decent Apple Bionic processor
  • Compatible with up to WiFi 5 (802.11ac)
  • Includes face detection and fingerprint reader
  • Has a built-in NFC sensor for digital payments
  • Captures vibrant videos in 4K and slow-mo mode

Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone for Malfunctions

As just mentioned, the free touchscreen phones from Apple and Samsung that Cintex Wireless offers are all refurbished models. It’s only where they give you an entry-level phone that may be brand-new.

If the brand-new or refurbished Cintex phone comes with an out-of-the-box malfunction, you can return it for a replacement. Some of the malfunctions include the phone not powering on, freezes a lot, unable to read the SIM card, trouble charging, et cetera.

Cintex Wireless is sweet when it comes to replacing phones with out-of-the-box malfunctions. Then again, there are still some requirements you must fulfill, as we shall see shortly.

Other Times You May Need Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone

Apart from the out-of-the-box malfunction, you can also get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone when:

Replace Cintex Wireless Phone with Physical Damage

If your Cintex phone has physical damage, you’ll also need to get a replacement to continue using your service. Some examples of physical damage include broken screen, fried motherboard, the phone can’t power on after dropping in water, etc.

Unfortunately, Cintex Wireless doesn’t have the friendliest replacement policy for phones with damage from your own hands. Be ready to pay a minimal fee.

Replace Old/ Outdated Cintex Wireless Phone

If your Cintex phone is too old, you can also get a newer replacement that will help make the most of your service. Being old in this case means the phone has slow performance, low storage/ memory, poor camera quality, small display, or lacks the latest features like NFC.

Cintex Wireless also has access to 5G connectivity. So, you can get a 5G-capable replacement phone if your old device only supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Replace Cintex Wireless Phone Lost

Another time you can get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone is if the previous one got lost. The phone may have been lost after you misplaced or someone stole it.

Replace Cintex Wireless with incompatibility issues

Last but not least, you can replace your Cintex Wireless phone if the previous device has incompatibility issues. The incompatibility is where the phone doesn’t have the right technology to tap into the carrier’s 5G or 4G LTE network.

The Carrier Network of Cintex Wireless is T-Mobile. So, the phone you intend to use should have the primary network bands 12 and 71 for extended-range coverage. Then, network bands 2, 4, 5, 66 are secondary network frequencies for high-capacity coverage.

If possible, though, get a phone compatible with Cintex Wireless 5G network to make the most of your service. The supposedly 5G phone should have band N71 for low-band, N41 for mid-band/ C-band, or N258/ N260/ N261 for mmWave/ Ultra Capacity.

How to Get a Cintex Wireless Phone

Well, there are various ways to get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone. The option to proceed depends on which of the reasons I’ve mentioned above is why you need a replacement.

Option 1: Get A Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone Free Of Charge

The first way to get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone is through the free returns policy. And just as the title says, Cintex will replace your phone here at no cost if you meet the necessary requirements.

The main requirement to qualify for the free replacement phone is that the previous device should have an out-of-the-box defect. And like I said earlier, these are the defects that came with the device, rather not the issues from your abuse.

As with any other product, problems on the Cintex phone that are from your own hands often void the warranty support. Cintex warranty protection is only fifteen (15) days.  

So, voiding the warranty or returning the phone with defects after 15 days disqualifies you from the free replacement benefit.

How to Apply Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone Free of Charge

Are you sure your Cintex Wireless phone has out-of-the-box defects? Is the phone still under the 15-day warranty protection? If your answer to the two questions is a yes, you can apply for a free replacement easily by:

  1. Grab a working phone, either from Cintex or any other carrier, and call customer care at +1 (855) 655-3097. If you have no working phone, use your internet-enabled laptop, computer, or tablet to email customer care at [email protected]. Keep in mind that you can only engage with the Cintex support team during the official hours between 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. CST on Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CST on Saturday.
  2. If lucky enough to get hold of a customer care rep, she will ask for details of your Lifeline phone account with Cintex Wireless. The account details are to prove you’re an active subscriber. But the rep may also ask about your order details if the phone with issues is from the upgrade catalog.
  3. After verifying your details, the customer rep will enquire about the problem with your Cintex phone. The agent will attempt to help you troubleshoot the problem with the device. But to speed up the replacement request, tell her you have tried to troubleshoot with no success.
  4. Next, the Cintex customer agent will begin to process the replacement request for your defective phone. The agent will provide an RMA number. A return merchandise authorization (RMA) number is a unique code a store gives customers who return products for repair or replacement.
  5. The RMA number you received in Step 4 is what the Cintex return department will use to process your free replacement. You’ll have to stick the RMA number on the package you return. So, print a hard copy of it.
  6. Now, prepare the defective Cintex Wireless phone for return. That means you disable the screen lock, log out of iCloud/ Google Accounts, turn off Find My iPhone/ phone, log out of social platforms, and delete personal files- pictures, videos, and documents. The easiest way to do all this will be to factory reset the phone as it deletes all data. But before performing a factory reset, back up your data.
  7. Once your defective phone is clean of your data, pack it in the original box it came with. If you don’t have the original box, wrap the device with bubble wrap. Remember to include the accessories the Cintex phone came with, including charger, cover, etc.
  8. After packaging or wrapping up the defective Cintex phone, put it into a shipping box. Then, secure the box well to make sure the phone and accessories remain in the box during transit.
  9. When your shipping box is secure, stick the RMA copy you printed in Step 5 on the top.
  10. Finally, take your box of the defective phone to the post office or arrange with them for pickup. Send it to the address of the Cintex return department the customer rep provided alongside the RMA number.

Evaluation & Assessment

When the Cintex return department receives your defective phone, they will inspect it thoroughly. If the return satisfies the requirements for a free replacement, they’ll start processing it.

The Cintex Wireless replacement phone you get will be like what you’ve just returned, both for the free Lifeline and upgrade orders. But if the phone you’re returning (for Lifeline orders) isn’t available, you will get a different model with similar specs.

Option 2: Get a Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone at a Standard Fee

If ineligible for the free replacement, you’ll have to replace the Cintex Wireless phone at the standard replacement fee. The standard fee applies where your previous phone is lost, stolen, damaged at your own hands, or returned outside the warranty window.

When I checked a few months ago, the standard fee to replace a Cintex Wireless phone ineligible for free replacement was $25.

Option 3: Get a Cintex Wireless replacement Phone at a Regular Cost

The Cintex Wireless upgrade phone section is another way you can replace your phone. But unlike replacing at the fixed standard fee, here you’ll have to pay the full price of your preferred phone.

Unfortunately, Cintex doesn’t have a long list of upgrade phones to choose from at the moment. It only has a couple of high-end phones, including iPhone 8+/ 8/ 7+/ 7, Plus Samsung Galaxy S9+/ S9.

The Cintex phones are all certified refurbished models. But they’re all available with a great deal of under $100.

Option 4: Get a Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone with BYOP

The other way you can get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone is to take advantage of the BYOP (bring your own phone) program. In this option, you just need to get a phone compatible with the Cintex Wireless network and software. Then, insert your SIM card, activate the service, and start using it.

The phone you bring to your Cintex service can be a new one from a retailer. It can also be just another phone that was lying around in the house but works fine.

Common Related Questions

Why Didn’t I Qualify For The Free Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone?

There are various reasons you may fail to qualify for the free Cintex Wireless replacement phone. The reasons include:

  • Cintex ruled the defect of your phone is from misuse/ abuse
  • You returned your defective Cintex Wireless phone outside the 15-day return window
  • Cintex noticed you have tampered with the defective phone. Some examples of tampering include unauthorized repairs, scrapping off IMEI, reflashing, etc.

Is The Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone The Same As The Upgrade?

In many cases, we tend to use replacing and upgrading interchangeably. For instance, we can say a Cintex Wireless replacement phone is the same as an upgraded phone if the reason for replacing is to get a device with better features and specs.

Can I Get A Free iPhone from Cintex Wireless?

Yes, you can get a free iPhone from Cintex Wireless if eligible for the Lifeline and ACP programs. Of course, don’t expect to get the latest iPhone 13 or later. The kind of iPhones Cintex gives you for free are older series, including iPhone 8+/ 8/ 7+/ 7.

Does Cintex Wireless Give Away Free 5G Phones?

Unfortunately, Cintex Wireless no longer has a large catalog of free phones as its sister AirTalk or Newphone. The website also lists they only have Unimax and Generic smartphones.

So, they may give you a 5G Generic smartphone in the free phone program or not.

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