How To Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet with Food Stamps in 2023

As we’ve already established in a few previous posts, a tablet is relatively handier than a Smartphone in various applications. A while ago, we even saw you can get free tablet for low-income families. And as a continuation, this guide here covers whether you can get the Boost Mobile free tablet with food stamps.

The thing is, Boost Mobile is a prepaid carrier that DISH Network now owns after acquiring it from Sprint in 2020. A lot of prepaid carriers I’ve gone through does not have any free tablet offer. Thus, Boost has outdone them (prepaid competitors), and even the Major Providers since most also don’t have the tablet deal.

What’s the Boost Mobile Free Tablet with Food Stamps?

As I’ve just mentioned, Boost Mobile is a brand of DISH that brings you wireless phone service. The cellular carrier’s a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it runs off towers of another provider (Major Carrier).

On the other hand, the free tablet with Food Stamps is a device discount that the government sponsors through the recently-released Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Food Stamps (now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] in most states) is one of the government assistance programs that will automatically qualify you for the tablet offers.

So, in simple words, the “Boost Mobile free tablet with Food Stamps” now becomes the free tablet you would get after qualifying for the Boost ACP. But now begs the question….

Does Boost Mobile Give Free Tablets with Food Stamps?

First, let me say I’m disappointed with all those reviews claiming you can get Boost Mobile free tablet with Food Stamps. The cellular operator doesn’t offer the device discount in this approach. Hence, the reason I never included it amongst the eleven providers you can get a free tablet with EBT (User card provided for food stamps/ SNAP).

Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising considering I’ve just said many prepaid (and postpaid) phone operators don’t offer the tablet offer. But, surprisingly, Gen Mobile, another prepaid carrier DISH now owns, does give the free tablet with Food Stamps.

However, Gen Mobile is both a prepaid and eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC). An ETC is a licensed Lifeline provider similar to that the AirTalk Wireless free phone. And this is how the new sister of Boost Mobile can offer the tablet discount.

As for Boost Mobile itself, the terms under the affordable connectivity program section clearly state that “…devices not included with the program and must be purchased separately”.

Remember, the FCC sponsors the tablet offer through the $100 discount on connected devices under ACP. It would seem Boost Mobile has registered to only offer the broadband discount.  

Luckily! You Can Still Get a Boost Mobile free tablet Today

Even though there’s no Boost Mobile free tablet with Food Stamps, you can still enjoy the device discount under a different program. The program I’m talking about here is the Boost Mobile buy-service-get-free-tablet promo, which the company has been offering for a while.

Since this tablet offer is all Boost Mobile’s idea, the carrier gets to take care of its cost. But this is to say the carrier can also change the policies of the offer however desired.

In the case of free tablets with the ACP program, the federal communications commission (FCC) is the one who set all the rules and policies.

A perfect example is the $100 discount amount for the ACP tablet. At the same time, the affordable connectivity policies(by the FCC) have that subscribers must “contribute more than $10 and less than $50”- as copayment

In a nutshell, this means there would be a charge between $10.01 and $49.99 if Boost offers free ACP tablet with Food Stamps. Failure to pay, the carrier has the FCC’s permission to use other ways to collect that fee.

Meanwhile, the mobile and internet providers that give the free tablet from the government must observe ACP policies too. It’s the whole reason the FCC has a Consumer Inquiries and Complaint Center, where you can raise issues about ACP products.

Then again, Boost Mobile sets the laws and policies about its buy-service-get-free-tablet promo, where the carrier can write anything. It only becomes an issue you can raise on the FCC’s Complaint Center when Boost charged you fees never advertised on the product offer.

Speaking of the advertised offer…

How Can You Get the Boost Mobile Free Tablet Today?

Did you know Boost Mobile is one of the phone companies that give free phones when you switch to prepaid service? The current free cell phone deals from the service provider actually include lovely iPhone and Android brands with 5G support.

Well, the process of how to get Boost Mobile free tablet is so similar to these phone freebies on the switcher deals. How so?

For one, Boost has a free tablet offer only available to new customers. Your account as an existing Boost Mobile customer won’t qualify, not even when you add a new line.

Secondly, you can’t pick the kind of tablet to get on this Boost Mobile promo. The offer, just like with the free phone deals, is only limited to specific device brand/s.

Thirdly, the free tablet when you join Boost Mobile is only available if you purchase a particular cell phone service plan. The service plan currently eligible is the 5GB tier, which currently goes for $15/ month for new customers ($25 regular days).

However, Boost Mobile still provides you must purchase the 5GB plan on a 6-month bundle (at $90) to get the tablet. The single-month option won’t get the free tablet, then the 3-month/ 12-month plans show a “Plan unavailable with device purchase” error.

Boost Mobile Free Tablet Promo Differences:

The fourth crucial point to keep in mind is that Boost Mobile has limited only a single free tablet per customer. And this is slightly different than the Boost free phone offers, where you can get 1 device/ line.

Another thing I’d say the Boost Mobile discounted tablet is different from the phone deals is the location limitations. The offer is only available on the 5GB plan on a 6-month bundle. Unfortunately, though, many locations don’t have this option nowadays.

For instance, here in New York and most other states, you can only sign up on either the monthly or 3-month service plan bundle. Californians are a bit better as you get the monthly, 3-month, and 12-month plan bundle, albeit no 6-month option.

Boost Mobile Free Tablet with Food Stamps

FYI: I’ve not been able to find a location that still has the 6-month plan. To give it a shot, you can enter your current Zip code

The last point to note when looking to get the Boost Mobile free tablet is that the offer’s only available online. And this will automatically disqualify you from the free smartphone when you switch, as these phone deals are for in-store enrollment only.

Speaking of enrollment, you can enroll for the tablet discount with Boost Mobile by clicking the bold link above. Next, enter your zip code and email address to check promo availability in your location. Then when you notice the offer is in your area, use the onscreen instructions to complete registration.

What Kind Of Boost Mobile Free Tablet Do You Get?

Once you’ve submitted your order for the Boost Mobile free tablet with a 5GB plan, the carrier will ship it to your address. The company claims to have an overnight, 2-day, and 3-day shipping duration. (I’ve noticed some people complain about their orders taking up to five or even seven days to arrive- my guess is stock issues).

Now, the kind of tablet Boost Mobile gives you in the ongoing free offer is a TCL Tab Lite (at a value of $119.50). It’s not exactly the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tabs on the AirTalk Wireless free tablet with ACP. However, the freebie is still worth it as you get to enjoy features such as:

  •  An 8-inch, 1280 x 800p HD display
  • 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • Built-in MicroSD slot for up to 256GB card
  • Video recording in 1080p Full HD @30fps
  • Supports up to WiFi 5 (802.11ac) protocol
  • Compatible with up to 4G LTE connectivity
  • You can hotspot up to ten (10) internet-enabled devices

When Will The Boost Mobile Free Tablet Promo End?

The tablet promo with Boost Mobile on the 5GB plan is probably not new. I’ve not been able to track when the offer was first available, for sure. But the 5GB 6-month phone plan bundle that supports the device discount has been around for several years.

Since DISH Network acquired Boost Mobile, several things have changed, such as the phone plan structure and carrier networks. In the phone plans structure, it would seem the carrier no longer supports the 6-month subscription bundle in most states. And this is a letdown, considering the plan bundle is the only one you can apply for the free tablet promo.

As for our question about when the Boost Mobile free tablet offer will end, you can still apply today. The carrier website has also not mentioned when they will end the promotion. But since it (Boost) drafts the policies for the device offer, I’d recommend you keep checking the discount page regularly. Else, the provider can decide to end the offer without notice.

Key Takeaway: Unlocking Your Boost Mobile Free Tablet

Similar to most prepaid providers, Boost Mobile only sells devices that are locked to its network, and this includes our free tablet.

The Boost Mobile unlock policy provides that prepaid service can only be eligible for device unlocking at least twelve (12) months after the initial activation. In fact, your handset will unlock automatically after hitting the yearly mark and meeting the other requirements.

The other requirements to become eligible for Boost Mobile device unlocking, a tablet in this case, include:

  1. Your account is currently active and not in a suspension mode
  2. You’ve got no outstanding balance on service or device purchase
  3.  Also, you shouldn’t have abused the Boost Mobile terms & conditions

If your tablet doesn’t unlock automatically after meeting these requirements, call Boost customer support at 833-502-6678 to request instructions on how to do it.

Note: military can request Boost Mobile to unlock their devices before the standard unlock period. The requirement here is to contact customer care with current documents of deployment overseas. Then your service account must be in good standing (no outstanding balance) and has not had more than one device unlocked in the past 12 months.

Remember the plan changes I mentioned about Boost Mobile after the DISH acquisition? The Boost Infinite plan is another change we can add to that category. Unlike the prepaid option, the postpaid service also lets you unlock your devices less than a year after activation. Then again, it (Boost Infinite) isn’t eligible for the ongoing tablet offer.

Common Related Questions:

Does Boost Mobile give you a free tablet from the government?

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile doesn’t give you a free tablet from the government. YES, the carrier has the license to participate in the ongoing ACP program. But it would seem its license is for only the broadband discount without the “connected device”.
Ps. Gen Mobile is now a sister of Boost Mobile. And as an eligible telecommunication carrier (ETC) in some states, you can get Gen Mobile free tablet with Food Stamps or any other government assistance program or low-income.

Is the Boost Mobile free tablet worth it?

First, the only way to get Boost Mobile free tablet is by registering (as a new customer) for the 5GB plan on a 6-month bundle. And once approved for the offer, Boost will send your service SIM kit alongside the FREE tablet.
Even though not the best, the free tablet is still worth it as you get to enjoy features like:
The latest Android 12 OS
A wide 8-inch, HD display
32/ 3GB built-in memory
A slot for a MicroSD card
Up to 4G LTE connectivity
WiFi 5 (802.11ac) protocol
Up to 10 devices on mobile hotspot

How can I activate my Boost Mobile free tablet?

The Boost Mobile tablet on offer has 4G LTE connectivity, which means the activation process is as same as with the phones. And to do that:
Locate and tap on the “Activate” button
The “Activate” link will take you to the Boost Mobile activation page. You’ll need to answer where you bought your SIM or device. And since the tablet (and SIM kit) came from the carrier, select the “Continue” button under “Online Direct from Boost Mobile”.
Next, you’ll get the prompt to choose whether to activate a new number or bring your own. If it’s the former, the SIM card comes already activated, and you’ll only need to insert it into the device, then finish up the initial setup. But when you bring your own number, you’ll need to log in to your new Boost Mobile account (using the details set when initiating the online order). Then use the onscreen instructions to complete the activation and the initial setup of your device.

What network does Boost Mobile use?

Before 2020, Boost Mobile was a brand and MVNO of the Sprint (CDMA) network. After the BIG (Sprint/ T-Mobile) merger, Boost continued to work on T-Mobile. But shortly after, T-Mobile had a dispute with the new owner of the (Boost) brand over the Sprint (CDMA) network frequencies. And this resulted in Boost acquiring a network deal with AT&T.
So, the network Boost Mobile use at the moment is AT&T and also T-Mobile. But since the service is yet to be able to switch between the two Carrier Networks, you can only sign up with one that suits your needs.

Boost Mobile is the Best on the New Carrier Network

Even though the answer you sought was a simple “No, you can’t get a Boost Mobile free tablet with Food Stamps”, I still hope the article was helpful.

YES, the current deal of Boost Mobile free tablet with a 5GB service subscription is tricky for existing customer accounts to qualify. But on prepaid services, you can always cancel your subscription anytime desired. Then, perhaps, register as a new Boost customer through one of your adult family members/ relatives/ friends (it’s how I take advantage of phone deals).

Before you join Boost Mobile for the free tablet, make sure the network service work in your area. The tablet has LTE cellular connectivity that may be worthless if the Boost Mobile network isn’t good in your location. And that “network” can be either through AT&T or T-Mobile since DISH is still yet to incorporate its own infrastructure.

Keep in mind that the relationship between DISH and T-Mobile is currently fragile. All the DISH brands I’ve gone through seem to be in the process to ditch the T-Mobile network for AT&T. Like with our Boost, the AT&T-compatible SIM is the only one you can activate eSIM or use WiFi calling.

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