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How many times have you joined a wireless phone/ internet service, but the results weren’t up to your expectations?

Hello, There. Welcome, and Thanks for Visiting Wireless Carrier Today

I’m Michel, a tech lover and passionate blogger. I’m also an enthusiastic DIY-er, who enjoys trying out different things. But the thing I hate most is when a service provider knowingly deceives me with FAKE promises.

Wireless Carrier Today is my online home where I bring you everything you need to know about your next carrier before joining. I’ll be sharing details of various providers, both for phone and internet service, which I’ve tested or researched thoroughly and carefully. So, you’ll have a perfect idea of what to expect, instead of joining blindly.

In my guides, I’ll try my VERY best to bring you the latest information, something I’ve noticed most other reviewers don’t. Hence, the reason I also decided on the name Wireless Carrier “Today”.

If I’m yet to personally test a particular carrier I’d want to discuss, I make efforts to contact the provider on any contradictory subject. But still, all guides here at Wireless Carrier Today are only for informational purposes. How you use that information is upon you.

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